Be a Volunteer
Be a Volunteer

Be a Volunteer

Find out how to become a volunteer. There are many
rewarding ways to get involved.

Be a Volunteer

CNH is honoured by the number of neighbours and other volunteers who have dedicated countless hours to making our community a better place. All volunteers are important to us. Whether you are a single mother who volunteers to teach a craft to the children in our daycare or a banker offering your time to be part of our tutoring program, your contribution is precious to us. Volunteering is one of the most gratifying and mutually beneficial experiences that our neighbours participate in. We are proud to be an organization that exemplifies the ‘old school’ notion of being a compassionate and involved neighbour.

We are grateful to the more than 200 volunteers who contribute some 20,000 hours of time annually. Volunteers…

For more information on volunteering, please call Chris Stouffer, Volunteer Coordinator (Home Support) at 416-966-8595 ext. 207 or Chantel Guthrie, Volunteer & Special Event Coordinator at 416-925-4363 ext. 117.

You can complete our General Volunteer application form by clicking here or our Tutoring Volunteer application form by clicking here. Send your completed form by email to

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