Friends of The Neighbourhood Group
Friends of The Neighbourhood Group

Friends of The Neighbourhood Group

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Dear Friends of the Neighbourhood Group,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for your very generous support of Friends of The Neighbourhood Group.  Your support has made it possible to sponsor 3 families – 21 people in all – to come to safety in Toronto.  I also want to provide an update about what has been happening over the past few of months.

We have received confirmation from Lifeline Syria, the organization we’ve been working with, that our group has been matched with three Syrian refugee families. The first is a family of nine, including seven children under the age of 10 years; they are currently living in a refugee camp outside of Jordan. The second is a family of five and the third is a family of seven.

As we eagerly anticipate the arrival of our families, we can appreciate the concern our supporters must be feeling as they hear news of delays in the arrival of Syrian refugees to Canada. The government has just recently announced the imposition of a cap on the number of private refugee sponsorship cases it will approve for the remainder of 2016 and are now in the process of gradually funnelling the existing agreements. 

Please be assured that all three of our families are existing agreements and we’ve been informed by our contact at Lifeline Syria that our first family, who we were matched with in January, is coming this year. It’s just a matter of time.  While we were quite hopeful that they would have been here by now, this unfortunately is not the case. There has been some sort of hold up in the processing of one of the family members information which is likely resolvable but will take time.

The process for the next two families, who we were matched with as community sponsors, is also underway. But unfortunately, that doesn’t mean they will arrive quickly. It could be weeks, months or even next year.

While frustrating, it is not surprising that the system has been overwhelmed.  Please know that we’re committed to staying in close contact with Lifeline Syria and others who can help, including our federal representatives. We also remain committed to keeping our donors informed about what is happening.

In the meantime, we have been working hard to prepare for the arrival of our families, and will continue to do so.  We are also working to support other refugees who are already in Toronto. If you’re interested in volunteering to help with this work, please contact Chantal Guthrie ( or 416.925.4363) or Lina Trifonova ( or 416.691.7407).

Please know that your generous support of this important lifesaving work is greatly appreciated. None of this would have been possible without your kindness and willingness to help.

We welcome your questions and thoughts as we move through this process together so please do not hesitate to contact me at any time at or 416. 925.4363. We also have a Facebook page where we regularly post updates:

Thank you again for your commitment and support.


Elizabeth Forestell
Executive Director 

Download a copy of the letter here.

Thank you friends and neighbours!  We are delighted to report we have surpassed our goal and will be able to support three or more families downtown and in the east end, thanks entirely to the generosity of our neighbours, the work of our fundraising team and especially the efforts of the Danforth East Community Association (DECA) and the Cabbagetown Neighbourhood Association for Syrian Refugee Assistance (NASRA).

In addition to the families we will be sponsoring, we have become aware of many others who will be coming into our neighbourhoods both downtown and in the east end.  For this reason, we are working to create a new Settlement Worker position, in order to coordinate support for this influx of refugee families into our community. If you would like to contribute to this fund, please click here.

To volunteer, please complete the form below and someone from our team with be in touch with you:

Friends of The Neighbourhood Group – Syrian Refugee Sponsorship Fund


Thanks to our generous donors

  • The Estate of Alix Houston
  • Andrew Stewart
  • Jane Lennox-King
  • Alan and Sandra Waterhouse
  • Elizabeth Stephenson
  • James Morrison
  • Anne Gray
  • Jennifer Rae
  • Marion Lynn
  • Susan Kyle
  • The Hepburn Family
  • Samira Viswanathan
  • Liz Forestell
  • David Reed
  • Philip Unrau
  • Angus Fraser
  • CUPE 3202 Members
  • Dr. Erin Johnston
  • John Alexander Houston
  • Judith Robertson
  • Patricia DS Jackson
  • Sally Catto
  • Barbara Hall
  • Bob and Arlene Rae
  • David Lint
  • Desiree deBarros
  • John Chamberlain
  • Leith Drury
  • Sarah Murdoch
  • Stanley Taman
  • Judith A. Robertson
  • Cynthia Moull
  • Bill Chow
  • Carolyn Shaw-Rimmington
  • Claire Kennedy
  • David R. Beatty
  • Mary K. Bull
  • Roy Hogg
  • Sandra Price
  • Sheila Byrne
  • Tammy Evans
  • Bob Gore
  • Bruce MacDonald
  • Eileen Hewson
  • Eyglo Thorlaksdottir
  • Maureen Armstrong
  • Nathaniel Erskine-Smith
  • Peter MacDonald
  • Sally Chatfield
  • Sarah Gingrich
  • Terrence Levine
  • Tracy Ferguson
  • Veronica Lacey
  • Susan Gurney
  • W Leslie & Stephanie Kelman
  • Bruce Fraser
  • Jolie Chrisman
  • Janet Charlton
  • Tracy A. Keenan
  • Mary Christie
  • Muhammad Naseer
  • Penelope & Joseph Castrodale
  • Stephanie Morson
  • Tina Scherz
  • Mount Pleasant Village Public School
  • Angela Abbott
  • Catherine Dorton
  • Joanne Lombardo
  • Kathleen Kampeas-Rittenhouse
  • Marilyn Vasilevich
  • Mary-Margaret McMahon
  • Rossalyn Day
  • Tim Vanderhoek
  • Virginia Rae
  • Alan Thomas
  • Ann Cherry
  • Dario Kosarac
  • Dylan Jervis
  • John Wright
  • Lee Matheson
  • Lola Weisstub
  • Marcin Piorkowski
  • Pamela Jolliffe
  • Philip Panet
  • Richard Perrin
  • Sophia Sperdakos
  • Amanda Cole
  • Beverley Arcand
  • Brian Hawrysh
  • Eileen McGeean
  • Jeannie Farquharson
  • Linette Doherty
  • Lisa Mantia
  • Maurice Blitz
  • Melanie Goldhar
  • Peter Quinsey
  • Shirley Goldenberg
  • Susan Shahmurat
  • Valerie Rivers-Moore
  • Bronwen Jervis
  • Catherine Mark
  • David Hughes
  • Ivan Cohen
  • Rachel Davies
  • Susan Douglas & John Peltier
  • Victoria Houston
  • Alana Young
  • Anna Gemmiti
  • Carol & Bryan Finlay
  • Catherine Graham
  • Christine Lloyd
  • Douglas and Margaret Derry
  • Elizabeth Wilson
  • Gayle Fraser
  • Gilbert James Reid
  • Hugh Anson-Cartwright
  • Ian Malcolm
  • Isabel Bassett
  • J. W. Rowley
  • James Taggert
  • Jim & Lillian Buchanan
  • Jim Peterson
  • Joanne Pratt
  • Joanne Rowlinson
  • Johanna Metcalf
  • John O'Brien
  • Kate Aird
  • Katherine (Kim) Malcolm
  • Marc McCue
  • Margaret Colston-Weir
  • Marion Steele
  • Mark Trenton
  • Marylin E. Smith & Richard Russell
  • Pamela Erilichman
  • Patrick Devine
  • Peter Tomlinson
  • Ramsay Derry
  • Ritch Bremner
  • Shanley Arnett
  • Stewart Malcom
  • T. C. O. Lloyd
  • Alison McKenzie
  • Allison Hewlitt
  • Allison Worone
  • Andrew Draper
  • Anne Benedetti
  • Anne Katherine Dionne
  • Byron Stevenson
  • Casey Price
  • Chad Paulin
  • Christine Johnston
  • Connie Crane
  • David Reville
  • Debi Babiak Smith
  • Denise Le Bel
  • Design Workshop Architects Inc.
  • Dorothy Gurney
  • Dwayne Dinn
  • Ellen Pisani
  • Gillian Gurney
  • Graeme Doyle
  • James Gotowiec
  • James Rowat
  • Jeremy Diamond
  • John Dove
  • Katharina Campana
  • Kathleen Riggs
  • Krista Black
  • Kristina Pedias
  • Lisa Lefebre
  • Lubna Hussain
  • Margaret Booth
  • Mary MacDonald
  • Maya Wanger
  • Melissa Morrissey
  • Michelle Dionne
  • Muneera Qureshi
  • Nancy Bennett
  • Pamela Walden-Landry
  • Patricia Bennett
  • Robert Lapper
  • Robin Siegerman
  • Ruth Croxford
  • Samantha Lowes
  • Sanford Riley
  • Shannon Craig
  • Shannon McDonald
  • Sheila Osborne Jones
  • Stephanie Willson
  • Stewart Wong
  • Susan Beamish
  • Tamara Flanigan
  • Teresa Neves
  • Tom & Shirley Forestell
  • Viviana Kohon
  • Danielle Milley
  • Ian Daffern
  • Jacqui Allard
  • James Blakely
  • Jeff Willows
  • Kathleen Sandusky
  • Mary Jo DeCoteau
  • Theresa Leitch
  • Todd Keely
  • Marjorie Coristine
  • Vanessa DeMarco
  • Sarah Brown
  • Andrei & Viviana Szabo
  • Leah Black-Hauser
  • Robert Butler
  • Sheena L. Weir
  • Adam Finlay
  • Alexandra Maric
  • Anahita Belanger
  • Andrea Buttery
  • Andrea Nichols Egan
  • Andrew Glowala
  • Anne Gardner
  • Anne Paradis
  • Barbara Gough
  • Beth Robert
  • Bob Iopinski
  • Bonnie Mah
  • Brianne Hamilton
  • Carla Kearns
  • Cathy Wright
  • Chritine Leu
  • Clare Gibbons
  • Claudia Laroye
  • Corey Diamond
  • Daniel Bach
  • Daniela Guccione
  • Dina Bilenkis
  • Donna Gelinas
  • Eric Chou
  • Erin Palleschi
  • Fatima Sayed
  • Frank MacAulay
  • Frederick Roth
  • Gerald Poisson
  • Glynn Robinson
  • Harry Forestell
  • Heather Lowe
  • Hernan Lopez-Fernandez
  • Iam Klesmer
  • James Bowen
  • Jeff Caterer
  • Jeffrey Good
  • Jennfer Franks
  • Jennifer Mizzi
  • Jeremy Bolter
  • Joanna Zuk
  • Judith MacBride-King
  • Judy Rogers
  • Julia Peters
  • Karen Benner
  • Karrie Wall
  • Kathernie Burgoyne
  • Kathleen Barry
  • Lauren Baker
  • Lindsey Religa
  • Lisa Gibson
  • Lisa Ross
  • Louise Malhotra
  • Lucia Chung
  • Maggie Kalt
  • Mairi Cowan
  • Maria Jose Latella
  • Marina Glogovac
  • Marion Riggs
  • Mark Richardson
  • Mary Hanson
  • Megan Bennett
  • Melanie Dailey
  • Melissa Gardner
  • Meribeth Coyne
  • Michelle Melanson
  • Michelle Williams
  • Miriam Kelly QC
  • Monica Groen
  • Nancy Lobb
  • Nancy MacCallum
  • Natalie Jackson
  • Nazz Sacco
  • Pam Bastedo
  • Robert Clark
  • Ruth Lee
  • Sasi Krishnamurthy
  • Shauna Curtis
  • Stephen Skoutajan
  • Stuart Hill
  • Sue Dachs
  • Suzanne Karajaberlian
  • Tammy Davey-Wiebe
  • Tara Partington
  • Taryn Beck
  • Tatiana Lewicka
  • Toni Brinck
  • Wendy Quick
  • Zoe King
  • Zofia Worotynec
  • 2452499 Ontario Ltd.
  • Beverley Bennett
  • Cameron Tingley
  • Catherine Gerow
  • Elizabeth Walker
  • Emily Giles
  • Grant Orchard
  • Jonathan Isaak
  • Josette Chen
  • Julia Bennett
  • Karen Langill
  • Kirsten Hambleton
  • Andrea Atherley
  • Meredith Lordan
  • Andrea Wilson
  • Andrew Matthews
  • Joanne Murphy
  • Katina Kominos
  • Lisa McFadden
  • Melissa Keigher
  • Sabrina Dinelli
  • Shaylene Finch
  • Afsheen Jiwani
  • Aileen Gien
  • Alan Sheppard
  • Aynsley Wright
  • Barbara King
  • Brenda Harris
  • Caroline Seto
  • Darryl Gittins
  • David Fisch
  • David Ross
  • Deborah Jarvis
  • Erin Burke
  • Erin Williams
  • Gail Wong
  • Gillian Grace
  • Ilias Loui Dallas
  • James Powell
  • Jane Fernandez
  • Janet Zurbrigg
  • Jennifer Linton
  • Joanne Lindsay
  • Kim Stanton
  • Kimberley Oke
  • Kristin Vekteris
  • Laura Cooper
  • Lisa Skogsrud
  • Lisa Toye
  • Liza Morrison
  • Lizz Bryce
  • Lynette Gottlieb
  • Marissa Gordon
  • Markus Stadelmann-Elder
  • Mary Yang
  • Michelle Carol
  • Monisa Nandi
  • Nancy Botelho
  • Oscar Salvendry
  • Patricia MacAulay
  • Rachel Landry
  • Robert Dvorchik
  • Rutha Astravas
  • Sarah Papoff
  • Sharon Rogers
  • Shelly Katz
  • Sheri Hebdon
  • Susan Shiller
  • Susan Wright
  • Thelma Sookman
  • Tim Hughes
  • Valerie Mabee
  • Velma Sheppard
  • Wendy Chong Edgell
  • Adam Wadsworth
  • Alexandra Etinger
  • Amy Bartlett
  • Amy Singer
  • Caitlin Wright
  • Cathryn Edmonds
  • Charles Verge
  • Cynthia Wong
  • Dave Montague
  • Diane Fenn
  • Kimberley Ireland
  • Linda Allen
  • Linda Wild
  • Marco Campana
  • Mary Simpkins
  • Michele Wiwchar
  • Rakesh Baluja
  • Roshelle Filart
  • Sebastian Wiszniewski
  • Shirley Collins
  • Viviana Astudillo-Clavijo
  • Zhinan Feng
  • Eunjun Shin
  • Michelle Organ
  • Michael Munas
  • Cassidy McNea
  • Eve Goldberg
  • Jillian Bathgate
  • Meg Jarvis
  • and many Anonymous Donors

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March 16th, 2020

For now, we have closed most of our group programs for the next three weeks, to help slow the spread of the virus. But you can call us and we can provide information, and we will do our best to get you any help you need. Please check The Neighbourhood Group website for updates to our programs/services.

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April 29th, 2019

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January 30th, 2019

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April 18th, 2018

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April 2nd, 2018

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Notice of 2016/17 Annual General Meeting of The Neighbourhood Group

September 27th, 2017

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Syrian Refugee Sponsorship Fund

August 1st, 2016

Friends of The Neighbourhood Group